Kraft Lab

Our research is inspired by the exquisite control and fascinating complexity of self-organized living systems. We aim at understanding the fundamental principles necessary for creating functionality and structure, and translate them to the rational design of next generation materials. To tackle this challenging aim, we work with simplified colloidal and theoretical models that allow a systematic investigation of the most relevant parameters, the assembly pathways, and the resulting (non-)equilibrium behavior and structures. Our experimental approach relies on designing colloidal particles with anisotropic shapes, complex interactions, and self-propulsion. These colloidal models allow us to gain insights into otherwise prohibitively difficult (biological) processes, reveal novel out-of-equilbrium physics as well as advance bottom-up design strategies for smart materials.

Recent publications

Designing highly efficient lock-and-key interactions in anisotropic active particles S. Riedel, L. Hoffmann, L. Giomi, D.J. Kraft
Nature Communications 2024

Power-law intermittency in the gradient-induced self-propulsion of colloidal swimmers N. Oikonomeas-Koppasis, S. Ketzetzi, D.J. Kraft, P. Schall
Soft Matter (accepted) 2024

Supported lipid membranes with designed geometry M. Rinaldin, SLD. ten Haaf, EJ. Vegter, C. van der Wel, P. Fonda, L. Giomi, D.J. Kraft
Soft Matter (accepted) 2024

Soft and stiff normal modes in floppy colloidal square lattices J. Melio, S. Henkes, D.J. Kraft
Physical Review Letters 2024

Non-additivity in interactions between three membrane-wrapped colloidal spheres A. Azadbakht, B. Meadowcroft, J. Majek, A. Saric, D.J. Kraft
Biophysical Journal 2024